Alien Tel was established to alter public understandings of contemporary architecture. By commissioning first-rate designers to develop homes, which can then be leased by the public over a duration of days and nights, it intends to promote, inform and affect conversation about contemporary architecture.

We provide an opportunity to lease homes for a vacation developed by a few of the most gifted designers at work today, embedded in a few of the most spectacular areas in Britain.

We began the company from a desire to move understandings of modern-day architecture. We wished to enable individuals to experience exactly what it resembles to live, consume and oversleep an area created by an impressive architectural practice. While there are examples of excellent contemporary structures in Britain, they have the tendency to remain in locations that a person travels through (e.g. airports, museums, workplaces) and the few modern-day homes that exist are almost all in private hands and cannot be gone too.

We see ourselves primarily as an academic body, devoted to improving the gratitude of architecture. We likewise hope that you will have a remarkable vacation with us. We are offering a requirement of home uncommon for the rental market (where the ancient home has previously been the standard), with the very best of modern products and innovations.